Tom Mohr

After years of living in an unfinished home with 80% of the house still in builder’s white, I had made a decision to make some significant changes to the entire 1st floor of my home. The work I was seeking would be crown moulding, extensive decorative trim and edging, custom lighting and painting. Personally for me, this was a significant investment and I was out to hire the very best. For months, I had met with and talked to a series of home builders and contractors about my plans. I left each of those conversations knowing that every one of them could do the work, however, I didn’t select any of them for the simple fact that I didn’t approve of their approach and how little interest they showed in me. To them, I was a number, a job, another way to make a quick buck. There was little to no interest in developing any type of working relationship.

I had known Chris personally and knew about his company, Breckenridge Homes. I vacillated on approaching him because I have always believed it best to not do business with friends because of the potential of straining the relationship. I had started to talk to others that had hired Chris and his team and everyone provided positive feedback. Despite my stance and because of the feedback from others, I reached out to Chris to set up a meeting to discuss my home improvements.

Our very first meeting was very both impressive and eye-opening. Chris’ approach was what I was seeking. Naturally, he was friendly and courteous, but it was very clear to me that I was heard and he was listening. When I asked him questions, he had answers – very specific and detailed – and his answers spoke clearly to overall impact. Additionally, when I questioned him for options to leverage his experience, he was more than willing to provide them. I appreciated the conversation that was a joint share of ideas and outcome which ultimately led to my hiring Breckenridge Homes.

The experience in working with Chris and his Breckenridge Homes team was outstanding from contract execution to the final job ending handshake. The timeline he set was accurate, the quality of the work was both impeccable and impressive and the level of attention and professionalism displayed by his entire team surpassed expectation. He and his team were courteous, respectful and flexible. Equally as impressive was their reaction to a change I made mid-stream through the project; Rather than push back the response was “Whatever you’d like to do. We can talk through any changes and deliver what you want. I’m here for you and I want to make you happy!” It was refreshing to see such customer focus and care for what I wanted.

My experience in working with Breckenridge Homes was as exactly what I was wanting and the end result is precisely what I envisioned. I hired a team that was beyond capable, customer focused and most impressively, delivers on their commitments. They’re a company that’s truly a cut above the rest because it’s clear that when you interact with them, they place a heightened interest on developing a positive working relationship. I’ve always believed that the greatest compliment that any consumer can pay to a company is the continued commitment to do more business together. As I embark on more home upgrades, my first call will be to Breckenridge Homes because when you hire them, you hire the best!